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"SHEA "  Material Overview:

Shea is an engaging educational resource designed to explore themes of identity, race, and belonging. Our 16-minute teen drama encourages reflection on personal beliefs and perspectives by following a high school teen navigating a crossroads. Shea serves as a catalyst for conversations about diversity, identity, and belonging, providing a launching pad for meaningful discussions in classrooms and beyond.

Shea, paired with the facilitator guide, becomes a dynamic duo, fostering meaningful conversations and promoting understanding in classrooms.

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Key Features:

  • Relevance: Shea meets students where they are, offering relatable scenarios that resonate with their lived experiences.

  • Engagement: The narrative's compelling elements, including relatability and media components, capture and maintain student interest.

  • Conversation Catalyst: Shea serves as an effective conversation starter, initiating dialogue about race, identity, and belonging.

  • Introductory Tool: The facilitator guide complements Shea, providing educators with resources to guide discussions and activities.

  • Adaptability: The guide is flexible, allowing educators to tailor discussions and activities to meet the unique needs of their students.



Explore the Facilitator Guide


Familiarize yourself with the guide for insights, discussion points, and suggested activities.


Preview the Shea Film


Watch the 16-minute film to understand its narrative and thematic elements.


Prepare Discussion Materials: Review and tailor discussion questions and activities outlined in the guide.


Set the Stage: Introduce Shea, emphasizing the importance of respectful dialogue and creating a safe environment.


Screening and Facilitation: Host a screening session, then use the guide to facilitate discussions on identity, race, and belonging.

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Explore and download our collection of printable worksheets in the Digital Toolbox. Enhance your learning experience and bring lessons to life with these valuable resources. Accessible and ready to use, these worksheets complement your educational journey, making teaching and learning more engaging and effective. Unlock the potential of hands-on activities and interactive materials right here in our Worksheet Hub.

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KLTR_ Shea Facilitators Guide.jpg


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Understanding Meter

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