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Culture is inherited, Kulture is created.


Introducing KultureMAG: Connecting Students through Stories:

KultureMAG is not just a magazine; it's a vibrant blend of scholastic news, pop culture, and personal narratives designed for middle and high school students. Picture it as Scholastic News meeting the world of pop culture – a unique fusion that captivates and educates.

KultureMAG is a tool for educators to spark meaningful conversations, promote diversity, and broaden students' perspectives. Get ready to dive into a world where learning meets inspiration.


What To Expect:

  • Engaging Content: Each issue is packed with stories, art, and features that resonate with young minds.

  • Diversity in Focus: Learn about the experiences of young people from various backgrounds and communities.

  • Biannual Release: A new edition every semester, keeping students connected and informed.

  • Lesson Plans: The accompanying guide includes carefully crafted lesson plans to facilitate discussions and activities.

  • Connection and Reflection: Encourages students to make personal connections, reflect on their experiences, and set meaningful goals.



  1. Access the Latest Issue:

    • Click on the "Download PDF" button to delve into the newest edition of KultureMAG.

    • Explore diverse stories, artwork, and features designed to captivate and inform.


    2. Download the Educator's Guide:

  • Find the "Educator's Guide" in the "Worksheet Hub" and download the accompanying guide.

  • Discover curated lesson plans that facilitate discussions, activities, and engagement.


3. Plan Engaging Classroom Sessions:

  • Use the lesson plans to structure interactive classroom sessions.

  • Encourage students to discuss stories, share reflections, and connect with the content.


4. Implement KultureMAG and Assess Progress:

  • Roll out KultureMAG in your classroom, facilitating discussions around the stories, artwork, and themes.

  • Utilize the provided guided rubric to assess student progress.

  • Encourage ongoing reflection and feedback,

Discover the vibrant world within Issue Two of KultureMAG! Immerse yourself in dynamic illustrations that speak volumes, read heartfelt letters addressing a generation, and explore featured student works that showcase the diverse talents within our community. Engage with vibrant stories that resonate, accompanied by captivating art and photography that bring each narrative to life

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Download PDF


Explore and download our collection of printable worksheets in the Digital Toolbox. Enhance your learning experience and bring lessons to life with these valuable resources. Accessible and ready to use, these worksheets complement your educational journey, making teaching and learning more engaging and effective. Unlock the potential of hands-on activities and interactive materials right here in our Worksheet Hub.

Personal Development Plan

Development Plan Monitoring

Smart Template


Discussion Questions (Lyon )



Digital Educators Guide

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