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A group and/or collective of passion-driven individuals expressing themselves through fashion, art, music, hobbies, life, and innovation with the purpose of inspiring the world through their social and economic impact.

Dear Educator, 

I'm Anthony Valentine, a dedicated youth motivational speaker focused on positively impacting students' lives. My mission is to uplift, inspire, and guide students nationwide as they shape their identities and aspirations.


As the founder of KLTR, my team and I create SEL/DEI multimedia resources for middle and high school classrooms, supporting educators in nurturing courage, confidence, unity, and equity.


I've been invited to speak at Pioneer Academy on November 14th, where I'll help students understand the power of their stories and how their choices influence friendships, communities, and well-being. My presentations blend storytelling and live demonstrations in a way that resonates with students' interests.


My qualification as a speaker comes not just from accomplishments, but from the lessons learned through mistakes. My journey of resilience, coupled with my seven-year tenure as an inner-city EMT and work as an author and director, offer students an engaging and authentic perspective. I connect with students on a heartfelt level, meeting them where they are.

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"THE   work is worth the effort
                                            AND the change is worth THE  sacrifice."

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